Monday, March 3, 2008

Conquering Death

The human being is an amazing individual, yet what is the individual s purpose in life? The pursuit for happiness? And if so, how do we define happiness? And how do we define purpose? Traditionally, creating a home and raising a family has been a universal goal, but shouldn t we rethink this concept in the age of overpopulation? After all humans evolve and their habits and notions do too. But why do we procreate anyways? Historically seen, it was a kind of social security; however, nowadays that can only be a reason in underdeveloped nations. Thus, the fear of death and the perceived joy of a family contribute to this desire for extending life. We would like to leave our genes behind, our lineage. However, the reasons are probably more complex, for these desires are ingrained in us. The act of procreation is the most natural and predetermined action in the animal kingdom (understandably sex is extremely pleasurable). Otherwise, certain species would simply cease to exist. Procreation almost appears to be destined, as if there was a mechanism or program dictating our actions. We have inherited this natural philosophy for thousands of years and it is something the bulk of humanity desires to experience. But is this urge to procreate justified for all of eternity? What alternatives do we have? Natural selection is history thanks to the social welfare system, and a rather ever simplistic society has reversed our endeavors. We celebrate the idolatrous and primitive. Just take a look at the entertainment industry. Thus, we not only face the challenges of a rather sick and overpopulated world, but a world which lacks meritocracy and still too much of mediocre stardom. Now imagine a future world where death can be stalled and the desire for sex can be conquered. Wouldn t we reach a new evolutionary stage? Predetermined procreation would disappear from human behavior, which would allow a total change in society. Our purpose in life would not revolve around procreation and familial traditions. We would be free to enjoy more liberties and be allowed to step off the treadmill. Nothing would be determined by age but everything by interest. The human being in our day and age is driven into a system of exploitation and has no time to develop intellectually or spiritually. So let us consider this new world and this new human being. One possibly would have endless time to explore a myriad of things. Finally, we can do what we dreamed of doing. There would be no one on our backs telling us that we have to fulfill certain familial responsibilities. We can enjoy this wonderful world. It is our duty to realize the problems we face and the potential we have as possibly different human beings. Life is never static and there are no limits; everything we imagine can be created. Let us use our fantasy as new individualistic human beings.

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