Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Los Angeles Disability Insurance Lawyers - Reducing the Burden of the Disabled

Since the introduction of Social Security s Disability Programs to the public, it has been one of the primary sources of financial aid by those disabled workers. It tends to provide relief and monetary support for their hospital bills and other daily expenses. It further helps in alleviating the disabled individuals suffering brought by their serious illnesses. As stated under the Social Security Disability rules, people who have worked long enough and paid their Social Security taxes are eligible to apply for disability insurance benefits. This is regardless of their age. However, they must first meet all the other requirements set by the Social Security Administration, which is the government agency assigned to implement this program. Disability, on the perspective of Social Security, is any ailment that prevents a person to engage in any "substantial gainful activity". This ailment must have also last, expected to last for at least a period of twelve months, or may result in death of the person. In filing an application for disability insurance benefits, the disabled worker is advised to prepare the following documents and information in order to speed up the process: Names, addresses and contact information of physicians, hospitals, clinics, etc., attended to their illnesses A brief summary of the worker s employment history for at least 15 years and the details of his job Because of these important matters, the disabled workers must consider hiring their respective Los Angeles disability insurance lawyers who are very much capable in dealing with these requirements. These lawyers may also increase their chances of getting good results. The SSA also implements a 5-month waiting period before they approve a petition. Yet, if the disabled employee died before the decision, the immediate family may pursue the application within three months prior to the worker s death. The actual disability benefits that a disabled person may get will depend on the amount of his earnings before he has sustained his ailment. This would mean that the higher his monthly contribution, the higher his monthly benefits would be. Yet, this amount may still increase depending on the yearly inflation rate. Nonetheless, Social Security disability benefits are designed for momentary bad health conditions. Hence, the SSA would certainly stop sending disability benefits in these instances: If the beneficiary has already reached the age of 65, (This is when retirement benefits may replace disability benefits) If the beneficiary has already recovered from his disability and get back to work to earn money on his own Then again, for proper guidance and representation in filing a strong disability insurance claim with the SSA, employing the aid of a competent representative is a must to ease the disabled worker s further suffering. Know and understand more about social security disability program and how it lessen the burden of the disabled with the help of Los Angeles Disability Insurance Lawyers Rainier used to work in a publishing company as a writer and eventually became an associate editor. He dealt in writing instructional materials for secondary and tertiary students. His passion in writing inspired him to read a lot and subsequently enabled him to gain more knowledge and skills.

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