Monday, March 3, 2008

A Prayer for the Farmers

With so many farmers getting out of the business of farming due to mad cow disease, little money for their crops, smaller families, cities taking over the fertile farm land, big business moving in on and taking over small farms, I thought it was time to recognize the good that the farmers do for us. Vegetables don t grow in cans.....meat doesn t fall from trees. Without the farmers, we would be starving!! I hope that you will join me in remembering the farmers and when you have the opportunity, thank the farmer for hanging in there, despite the poor beef prices, the poor pork prices, etc. Rember, the price you pay in the store is NOT the price the farmer gets -- it s not even close!! A Prayer for the Farmers Lord, what have we done to our land and to those who work the fields? We have taken without giving back without thought to the consequences. Tearing up, tearing down, uprooting life, and covering everything with a hard, unforgiving substance. You gave us this earth to watch over to look after. Forgive us Lord for what we have done. Our ways bring death to the land. We have been so concerned with our desires, that we have dismissed the needs of others. In our lust for faster bigger, better(?) we have lost sight of those who helped make our country what it is today - the farmers. Help us to remember as we go about our daily chores and preparing meals, that without the farmers we would not eat. Without the trees, we would not breathe, and the soil would erode causing dust all around. Grant to the farmers strength to continue, rain and sun for their crops, faith in You and in humanity, that they may keep on providing the food we need to survive. God bless the farmers. Copyright Oct 2004 Fran Watson Expert Author

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