Thursday, March 6, 2008

Important Pointers in Filling Up Disability Forms

It is understandable that you would find completing several forms during the process of your social security disability claim as one of its most confusing aspects. The first thing you may even question yourself while you complete these forms is: "Will the SSA take the time to look at the forms you have completed and filed?" "Can these forms become one of the deciding factors in winning or losing your disability claim?" However, no matter your assumptions that the way you have completed your form may become the main cause for the decision on your claim, you need to think again. The Social Security Administration (SSA) and/or Administrative law judges do not usually base their approval or denial of a claim on the forms you have completed. They usually base their decisions based on compelling and objective evidences like medical and health records, and/or treatment doctor s opinions concerning your inability to perform substantial gainful activity (SGA). However, there are times when some innocent statement indicated by the claimant in one of the forms filed as the main evidence that the SSA or judge used in denying his/her claim. Remember that as claimant you have two kinds of inherent problem: - your unawareness to the things that you need to prove for you to win your disability claim - Your consistent downplaying of your medical and health problems seriousness to all those present that may be listening. While you are aware that you are applying for disability claims, therefore you have to prove that you are unable to perform substantial work, you still tend to understate the severity of your condition, symptoms and the limitations you are experiencing. Next thing you know, your chance of being approved of disability benefits is killed because of your false statements. Moreover, these false statements usually begin upon your completing of the disability forms and submitting them to the SSA. Here are the pointers in significantly reducing your unawareness in making mistakes all over the social security disability claim forms you are filling up: 1. Avoid writing too long narrations - remember, "Less words, few mistakes." There are spaces provided for your answers. Limit your answers in these given spaces and answer the questions directly. Avoid writing between the margins or attach additional papers. 2. Try to think that you are in a bad mood while you are answering the questions provided - the key is to indicate and prove that you are unable to perform a regular work activity level on a continuous level. You can have an accurate assessment of the activity level you are able to perform if you answer the questions as if you are experiencing a bad day, since who can, indeed perform well if they are in a bad day? 3. Concentrate on the duration, frequency and the severity of your disability symptoms and work limitations - take care to mention every diagnosis that have even a small bit of an impact on your inability to perform your work and any other kind of work for that matter. Nevertheless, most significantly do not forget to mention these three important issues connected to your disability, which will mainly, provide the reasons for your limitation to work and function, daily. 4. Control and suppress your perfectionist habits - make sure that you do not indicate your proficiency and eloquence in filling up the disability forms. The point is to indicate the seriousness of your condition. Possibly, you may already be having memory and concentration problems and having problems with your motor and coordination skills. Thus, make sure that the condition you indicated in the medical report must show in the way you accomplished your forms. 5. Make sure that you indicate or leave evidence in the forms, of some psychological issues, even if they play just a small part in your inability to continue working. If you are not confident of the way you have completed your disability claim forms, make sure you have it double-checked by an experienced social security disability lawyer or advocate. Get to know more information about filing your social security disability claim through the expert help of Los Angeles Attorneys .

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