Monday, March 3, 2008

Who Are Entitled to Social Security Disability Benefits?

Who Are Entitled to Social Security Disability Benefits? No one can have the assurance of being safe from sustaining disability. According to the studies conducted, around 25% will most likely to be disabled for at least some time during his entire life. These experiences have resulted to their incapacity to perform their jobs and earn sufficient income for either their personal or families needs. However, the federal government, thru its Social Security Disability Benefits program, is providing financial supports to those individuals suffering from disability. This aims to ensure sufficient income to be used for their daily needs since they may not have enough earnings due to their inability to work. If their petitions have been reviewed and then approved by SSA, they will receive monthly benefits until they are able to get back to work regularly and earn their income. Meanwhile, disability in the perspective of Social Security is incurring an impairment that hinders a person to exercise such "substantial gainful activities" and earn sufficient income. This ailment must also be expected to last or has already lasted for at least a period of twelve months or yet to result in his death. The SSA will not pay benefits for those claimants who suffer from partial or short-term disabilities. Generally, disabled employees who have worked long enough and have paid their Social Security taxes are qualified to receive benefits. During their employment, they must at least earned twenty Social Security credits for ten years before he actually incurred his disability. For a complete detail regarding the SSA s requirements, the claimants may visit their website at Other dependents and family members of a qualified worker may also receive their benefits based on his records. They are: - His 18 year old or below unmarried biological or legally adopted children and stepchildren or grandchildren in some instances - His 18 year old or above children, if they have incurred disability before turning 22 - His 62 year old or above spouse, or at any age provided that he or she is taking care of a child below 16 years of age or disabled Aside from these information, the claimants still need to know other matters in order to understand fully everything about Social Security regulations. Thus, it is very necessary for the claimants to seek the aid of a credible and well experienced Social Security lawyer or representative to help them in filing their claims. Although hiring an advocate will not guarantee a positive result, it may still ensure better chances of acquiring their benefits. Los Angeles Social Security Law Attorney is a well-known Los Angeles law firm with professional Social Security Disability Lawyers of solid experience in advocating for clients claiming for SSD Benefits

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