Monday, March 3, 2008

O.J. Will Go Free

We want him put away for life. Nancy Grace salivates on her TV show for The Juice to be slammered till death. She gets professional guests to back up her thesis. However, once in awhile a professional will counter her thesis that O. J. will rot in jail. It’s then that she gets the jitters. And for Nancy Grace to reveal jitters is something unlike her crisp, alluring persona. Nevertheless, though most of the civil world agrees with the likes of Nancy Grace, what will happen is that O. J.’s lawyers will present such confusion to the jury that they will conclude they cannot jail O. J. Why? Due to reasonable doubt. On what points? No matter. One point would do it. One juror could bring down the tent. There are so many complicated dimensions to this case that I think it impossible for a clear-cut guilty decision to come write the last sentence. Just impossible. All those charges would have to be so utterly solidly in place so that a jury would have to be blown over with concrete evidence that O. J. slip through bars till he breathes his last. That won’t happen. The law-abiding are wishing against cold reality. The law-abiding are commiserating among themselves that it’s a slam dunk against O. J. But preaching to the choir won’t put the double-killer away. As time moves along and the hysteria against O. J. settles, more and more the twisting debacles facing a clear-cut guilty verdict will rise to the top. I believe, though it slays my gut to type this, that O. J. will go free. He will smile his way out of court, his arms lifted in victory and his sociopathic egomania shooting off the charts. No doubt he’ll author still another bloody book. And no doubt a publishing house will put it right out there. Further, no doubt a sizeable gullible public will pay high price to purchase the rag. This world does not make sense in too many instances. Sadly, this is one of those horrific instances. Time will reveal its depression to the law-abiding, civil culture. -- Read:

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